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✴︎ Vide-grenier ✴︎

French for garage sale, pulling out what's sleeping in the attic.

A collection that is a little out of season, or something that the craftsmen aren't blaming for, but the material itself is a bit sloppy; Items that have been beautifully finished, but for some reason have not been able to find a place to go.

All of them are hand-made one by one, just like proper products. It's too pitiful to leave it in the stock yard, and I think it will only come to life if you use it. In particular, leather is the life of an animal. As everything is useful, I want to make full use of it.

Sumsumu's "Vid Grunier". For those who are new to us and those who always use it. I will start with the desire to have everyone use it widely.

Type: 2ème choix

・ There is a scratch of about 1 cm on the leather surface of the insole.

This product is outsourced, not at Sumsumu's workshop. Babouche Dimanche is a project with an old craftsman with a half-body handicap.

We have come to be able to maintain a certain level of quality by asking for details on this side, but even so, sometimes we end up with something that is not 100%.

We respect Morocco's business practices and religious background (duty and virtues of giving mercy to the economically vulnerable) and take whatever we do. I will do things that can be fixed, but leave things that are better as they are.

We would appreciate it if you could purchase this babouche after fully understanding the reason and background of its appearance in this form.


Babouche with a beautiful old-fashioned form, which is made by hand at a pace of one pair a day.

The babouche, which looks like a sunny dress made from carefully selected fabrics, is named Dimanche (Sunday, special day). This item is from " laRihla", which is created using fabrics brought back from travel destinations around the world.

Textiles are interior fabrics purchased in Uzbekistan. Reminiscent of Russian-style prints produced in the 1920-1930s of the Soviet era.

The bottom is made of hard and durable camel leather, so you can use it as an outside wear.

Tassel, with beautiful handicrafts by women, is made to order in a venerable workshop that also delivers products to the boutique in Majorelle Garden where Yves Saint Laurent sleeps.

In the morning and in the evening. The unique color pattern and the tassel that sways at your feet will enhance your special mood.

◆ laRihla 《La Lihla》 ◆

A new line of Sumsum inspired by world travel, which means "journey" in Arabic.

Bring back the materials that you encountered during your trip around a foreign country and shape them with traditional Moroccan techniques.

French Western Chintz Toile de jouy. In the waistband of the Baoulé tribe of Burkina Faso and Coat divoire. And the hand-woven Ikat of Hyderabad brought back from India. Etosetra, Etosetra.

A new world of Sumsum using textiles from all over the world.

[Vide-grenier] Babouche Dimanche <Sovietic Bouquet / Navy Blue> ①

¥13,200 Regular Price
¥7,920Sale Price
  • 37

    • Inner size 23.5 cm
    • External dimensions 24.5 cm

    Recommended for those who usually wear shoes of 22.0 to 23.5 cm.


    • Inner size about 25.0 cm
    • External dimensions about 26.0 cm

    Recommended for those who usually wear shoes of 23.5 to 25.0 cm.

    * The size is a guide. There are individual differences because it is a handmade item.

    As a guide for choosing the size, it is acceptable until the heel comes out of the babouche.

    In addition, in order to give the form a three-dimensional effect, the sole design has a large constriction and is quite slender. Therefore, you may feel a little cramped at the beginning of wearing, but as you get used to it, both the height and width of the instep will fit the shape of your foot, and you will be comfortable wearing it.

    However, we do not strongly recommend those who are extremely high instep and extremely wide.

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