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səmsəm voyage

depuis 2019

La Rihla


Gifts for observers about the novelty of cities and the wonders of travel
A new world of Sumsumu inspired by travel destinations around foreign countries

More inside, deeper. After 10 years of running around Morocco, I suddenly wanted to go out to the outside world. The beginning of the Age of Discovery.

Bring back the materials that you encountered during your trip around a foreign country and shape them with traditional Moroccan techniques. The surprises and excitement gained while traveling, as well as foreign cultures and sensibilities, are cross-bred with Moroccan handicrafts to create hybrid crafts.

For example, Pouf made with women in the suburbs of Marrakech. For example, Babouche Dimanche made with an old craftsman who has a handicap.

French Western Chintz Toile de jouy. In the waistband of the Baoulé tribe of Burkina Faso and Coat divoire. And Hyderabad's hand-woven Ikat brought back from India. And tribal vintages from Uzbekistan and northern Vietnam. Etosetra, Etosetra. With textiles from all over the world.

The memoirs left by Berber traveler Ibn Battuta, who has devoted more than 30 years to his journey since he departed from Morocco in 1325, are commonly known as Rihla (رحلة). Meaning of "journey" in Arabic.

With this word in mind, choose February 24, the day of his great birth, as the day of departure. laRihla The journey of LaRihla begins.

When and where can we meet what kind of glitter in the future? Insha Allah

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