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Morocco at the end of the west

Marrakech, the ancient capital of Berber

A combination of colors and chances

Everything you see is a spiral of design

A mixture of tradition and mode

The east and west are united

A tribute to all the origins that lead here now

səmsəm Sumsum

Atelier brand from Marrakech

Arabic "Sim Sim" which means "sesame"

From the spell "Open Sesame" in the Thousand and One Nights

After working with craftsmen in Marrakech for three years from 2009,

By Chikako Okumura who emigrated to Paris and Sachiko Kamatani who remained in Marrakech

May 29, 2014 Start as a unit on Gemini New Moon Day

After that, from May 29, 2019

Cyber ​​Hanout SARL, presided over by Kamatani , inherits the brand

Returning to "Moroccan style" and developing new

At the same time, a new line, laRihla, was launched.

Welcoming Marrakech (Marrakech) Couturier as a partner,

Both Sumsumu and Larilla produce almost all products in their directly managed atelier.

Photograph by Gilles ESPIASSE

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