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Introducing the special handicrafts selected by Sumsumu.

This product will be introduced for a limited time until 2020.12.31.

-Marrakech "Intangible Cultural Property" par səmsəm-

[Creation by one of Marrakech's leading antique rug collectors, Rabbi Alwani Bibi]

In the corner of Marrakech's carpet souq, there is a shop that makes you feel dignified and dignified. By the way, when I think about it, it wasn't a merchant's shop, but a shop of the collectors who own a lot of art class collections. It was founded in 1870.

Mr. Rabbi, who showed outstanding talent in this shop. Lending and contributing clan collections to domestic and international art exhibitions. We are still preparing to open a museum in the suburbs of Marrakech, and our passion for sharing property and knowledge is unparalleled.

A few years ago, he set up his own showroom independently and at the same time started his own creation. His original rug is packed with the knowledge and ideas unique to the "Walking Carpet Encyclopedia".

The series of series in this collection is woven from the finest wool of the past era in Boujaâd and Aït Moussa at the Moyan Atlas. However, what is not purely a "bujaad" carpet is the maniac of his creation.

His creations begin with buying old vintage kilims and blankets because of the good quality of the wool and unraveling them into threads.

Before weaving, wash the yarn about 10 times in the state of yarn and let it fade to the point where no more color appears.

(The exact material of the dye is unknown because it is upcycling from the good old days of wool.)

The weaving technique is "Taznakht". Because it's the weave he loves most. The reason why weaving it with Bujaad is that there is a reliable weaver in the area. In particular, he asks a lot of elderly women who have a lot of experience and technical skills.

The designs are borrowed from the good old days, such as antique Azilal, Bujaad, Rehamna, and Béni Yacoub at the Auto Atlas. An idea unique to collectors who have been exposed to first-class beauty, simple beauty, beauty for use, and various beauty.

After weaving, it is washed a few more times to finish it. This process also gives a unique texture and luster. It seems that he is particular about the selection of laundry craftsmen who decorate the finish, and it seems that only partners who have been with us for decades are the only ones. This craftsman seems to be very old, so I would like to expect future human resource development.

Creation with people and soil, not design first. I myself am the same type, so I deeply resonate with his attitude and approach to manufacturing, and at the same time, I take off my hat and respect him.

The creation in Morocco is "1% inspiration and 99% background". I really think it's all about this. No matter how wonderful an inspiration is, it cannot be achieved without human hands and materials, and as soon as we make an effort and manage to work on it, it will no longer belong to Morocco (the original characteristics of Morocco will not be utilized).

At first glance, his creations are modern, and one of them is packed with ancient and modern techniques and art. Today's sensibility and past designs are mixed with chaos, and it is already a museum-like hybrid carpet.

Please enjoy it.

[Səmsəm SÉLECTION] BIBI Art Collection 007

  • Length: 200 cm

    Width: 150 cm

    The size is just a guide. An error may occur depending on the measurement method. Please understand.

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