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Please feel free to contact us from here as we will be happy to answer any trivial questions.

-Lalila: Pouf made from the cloth of the world-

It is tailored by women in the suburbs of Marrakech using the Western chintz "Toile de Jui" brought back from France.

Toile de Jui is a traditional cotton-printed textile that was introduced to Europe in the latter half of the 17th century and became the predominant item in France in the 18th century.

Decorative strings called salma are carefully stabbed one by one by a daunting hand.

The string to close the bottom is made to order to the venerable workshop, which also has products in the boutique in the Majorelle garden where Yves Saint Laurent sleeps.

Not only as a stool, but also as a small side table or as an ottoman, Pouf can't be removed from everyday life once it's incorporated. As an interior accent, you can casually use it widely.

◆ laRihla 《La Lihla》 ◆

A new line of Sumsum inspired by world travel, which means "journey" in Arabic.

Bring back the materials that you encountered during your trip around a foreign country and shape them with traditional Moroccan techniques.

French Western Chintz Toile de jouy. In the waistband of the Baoulé tribe of Burkina Faso and Coat divoire. And the hand-woven Ikat of Hyderabad brought back from India. Etosetra, Etosetra.

A new world of Sumsum using textiles from all over the world.

[La Rihla] Toile de Jui's Pouf <Ludivine / Rose x Anise>

¥36,300 Regular Price
¥25,410Sale Price
  • ◆ Body

    Diameter: about 55 cm

    Height: about 30 cm

    ◆ Tassel

    String: Approximately 130 cm

    Bunch: about 10 cm

    The size is just a guide. There are individual differences due to handicrafts. In addition, the shape and volume will change depending on how the bean paste is packed.

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