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COLLECTION vol.13 Item from <Magie Rouge>.

Red magic.

As long as you have a flying tote and a feeling of belief in yourself, you can jump to wherever you want to go.


Maji Noir (black magic), Maji Blanche (white magic). Bad magic and good magic.

Our magic is Maji Rouge (red magic) that connects Marrakech and Japan. With the identity of the red city of Marrakech in mind, we named it with a life-size feeling.

One day in November 2020, more than half a year after tourists disappeared from the city of Marrakech. An acquaintance of a souvenir wholesaler who has been indebted for many years came across a place where tourists have disappeared and are opening stalls for local people. They started selling small rugs that Muslims use when praying on the streets.

Of course, it's a carpet that I thought was wonderful since I doubled it, but at this time, I instantly knew what I should do. I bought what I had and asked for more purchases. Hoping to create a sustainable cycle.

For the inner cloth, satin, which is used to tailor women's sunny clothes. The inner pocket of the "Pocheta" form, which shines in this glossy plain satin, is self-fabric with the handle Veroa.

The volumey tassel is made to order in a venerable workshop that also delivers products to the boutique in Majorelle Garden where Yves Saint Laurent sleeps.

A sacred carpet that is usually used for prayers. In order to contribute to the current situation of the Marrakech children as much as possible, I will deliver a bag with red magic to you with my own prayer.

We hope you will take your Marrakech-born bag and go out as if you were jumping on a flying magic carpet.

Tote &lt;Magic Carpet / Turquoise&gt;

  • Body

    • Length / 33.5cm Width / 33.5cm


    • Length / 48cm Width / 6cm


    • Tassel body / approx. 18 cm
    • Slider / diameter 1cm

    * The size is a guide. There are individual differences because it is a handmade item.

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