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Keep the form of "Pocheta" as it is. "Pocheta Tote" is packed with colors, patterns, and decoration techniques of tailors. Item from COLLECTION vol.8 .

We use high-quality fabrics carefully selected from among the many stars. A unique form that gently curves only in one corner. Around it, we applied decorative ropes, which are indispensable for the edging of Djellaba and Kaftan in national costumes. For the inner cloth, satin, which is used to tailor women's sunny clothes.

A charm of large and small rings with beautiful handicrafts, a volumey tassel attached with a rope looped to connect curtains, to a venerable workshop where Yves Saint Laurent sleeps in the boutique in Majorelle Garden Made to order.

Inside the tote, there are three large pockets and a small pocket.

The pocket divided into three is a size that fits a paperback book and a PET bottle. Functional beauty that allows you to quickly find and take out small items such as mobile phones and keys without getting lost. The small pocket has a "Pocheta" form that matches the main body. Don't forget the details, spice up.

《Please read before purchase ~ Notes on this item ~》

Veroa with smooth brushing and beautiful luster is used. However, if you combine it with a black dressing, the fibers will stick to your clothes for a while and will be quite noticeable. For that reason, I stopped selling it for about two years, but it's still very nice, so I decided to revive it.

Especially for those who use a lot of black, we appreciate your understanding in advance.

I use the same material, Pocheta, as my personal item, and although the fiber peeling was quite noticeable in the first few times, it didn't bother me after that. Two years later, I have forgotten the characteristics when I first started using it.

Also, in the case of clothes other than black, I think that there is little concern from the beginning. This is just a personal impression, but please refer to it.

Pocheta Tote <Kumara / Khaki>

  • Body

    • Length / 44cm Width / 42cm (maximum value)


    • Length / 53cm Width / 6cm


    • Total length / about 30 cm
    • Charm body / approx. 7 cm
    • Charm rope part / approx. 48 cm (when removed)
    • Tassel body / approx. 18 cm
    • Slider / diameter 1cm

    * The size is a guide. There are individual differences because it is a handmade item.

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