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A volumey tassel with a strong presence. "Pocheta Tote" accessories make their solo debut with a wide variety of colors.

Inspired by the passementerie for curtains in Moroccan salons, the large tassel is made to order in a venerable workshop where Yves Saint Laurent sleeps in a boutique in the Majorelle Gardens.

The sight of craftsmen twisting long, long threads on the roadside, often encountered in the Old Town of Marrakech. A scene where the passementerie technology that has been handed down in the slow flowing time is alive. Above all, it is said that the tassel was originally attached to the top of the hat and the hood of the cloak in the Arab world with the meaning of a talisman to protect against evil, in addition to the role of decoration.

Minimal and gorgeous. A combination of a rope that looks like a bubble (écume) and a swirling tassel "spiral" that has a form of overlapping large and small rings.

Not only for basket bags and leather bags, but also for simple and casual eco bags. Decorate with a beautiful two-color passementerie to add magic to your usual bag.

Passementerie Ecum & Spiral / Tricolor

    • Total length / about 30 cm
    • Charm body / approx. 7 cm
    • Charm rope part / approx. 48 cm (when removed)
    • Tassel body / approx. 18 cm
    • Slider Malkan / Diameter 1cm

    * Body size is a guide. There are individual differences because it is a handmade item.

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