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Babouche with a cotton cloth on the inside for invisible fashion. Kash Kash <cache-cache> is a French word meaning hide-and-seek.

Bags for scarves, djellaba, babouche. Moroccan women who enjoy colors in vivid combinations. The sense of color that colors the city of Marrakech has been incorporated into Babouche. Inspiration from the clothing stores that they often go to, and footwear that can be said to be a subtle neutral color mariage created by a color magician = dye craftsman.

The lining is a mysterious botanical pattern. Named after the French word pensée sauvage, which is associated with two different meanings: wild pansies, undeveloped thoughts.

One point is to embroider Sumsum (“sesame” in Arabic) on the heel with gold glitter thread, which is often used in bridal gowns.

Made of high quality sheep leather, the babouche wraps your feet warm in winter and cool in summer. You can use it not only as a daily wear at home, but also as a portable slipper for relaxing time on the road or in the sky or when going out.

✴︎ Pocheta Tote Alonger ✴︎

If you purchase Pocheta Tote Alonger (regular price ¥ 990) with Babouche, you can purchase it for an additional ¥ 660.

Please select "Buy Babouche Set" from the product page of your favorite Pocheta Tote Alonger and add it to your cart.

Babouche Kashkash &lt;Panse Sauvage / Barragan Pink&gt;

  • 39

    23.0 ~ 25.0cm (one size fits all)


    25.5 to 27.5 cm (one size fits all)

    * The size is a guide. There are individual differences because it is a handmade item.

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