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Cushions have been added to the Sumsum interior lineup.

From the item of COLLECTION vol.10 "Les jardins bleus imaginairs" , a series inspired by the "blue garden" that actually exists in Paris and Marrakech.

Trimmed with a volumey and delicate fringe on the body of a high-class velor carefully selected from among the many stars.

On the back side, we use a plain veroa that is high quality and smooth to the touch. The fastener is a decorative button called "Rakado" used for folk costumes and traditional clothes. Both are colored according to the surface veroa and fringe.

Home and travel. Private and aventure. It looks like the opposite, but it's actually two sides of the same coin. In the Sumsumu interior series, we create items that will make your heart fluffy and happy, as if you were incorporating the essence of travel into your daily life. Please enjoy creating your own space by adding colors to your favorite space with distant foreign colors and patterns.

* Middle material is not included. Only the cover will be sold.

In addition, we use 45 cm square and 60 cm square nude cushions for shooting, respectively.

Cushion Frangi & Carre <Minamo / Majorel>

PriceFrom ¥9,900
  • Body

    M: Length / approx. 44 cm Width / approx. 44 cm
    L: Length / approx. 58 cm Width / approx. 58 cm


    Approximately 3 cm in length

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