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✴︎ Vide-grenier ✴︎

French for garage sale, pulling out what's sleeping in the attic.

A collection that is a little out of season, or something that the craftsmen aren't blaming for, but the material itself is a bit sloppy; Items that have been beautifully finished, but for some reason have not been able to find a place to go.

All of them are hand-made one by one, just like proper products. It's too pitiful to leave it in the stock yard, and I think it will only come to life if you use it. In particular, leather is the life of an animal. As everything is useful, I want to make full use of it.

Sumsumu's "Vid Grunier". For those who are new to us and those who always use it. I will start with the desire to have everyone use it widely.

Type: 2ème choix (with stains)

・ There are oil stains on the inner cloth in several places (not very noticeable).

"Pocheta" is a magical pouch that is packed with colors, patterns, and tailor's decoration techniques to make your daily routine colorful.

Item from COLLECTION vol.10 "Les jardins bleus imaginairs" . This series is inspired by the "blue gardens" that exist in Paris and Marrakech.

We use high-class textiles carefully selected from among the many stars. A unique form that gently curves only in one corner.

The surrounding area is decorated with decorative ropes, which are indispensable for the edging of Djellaba and Kaftan in national costumes. Purchase in the form of thread and have a craftsman twist it like a rope.

The volumey tassel with a strong presence is the same color as the decorative rope. It is a made-to-order product for a venerable workshop that also delivers products to the boutique in the Majorelle garden where Yves Saint Laurent sleeps.

Posheta's tassel is not a fixture, but a second protagonist with a aesthetic sense of Sumsum. Since it can be removed, you can use it alone for a long time.

* The photo is L size.

[Vide-grenier] Pocheta M <Belle Epoch / Griotage>

¥7,700 Regular Price
¥6,930Sale Price
  • Body

    • M length / 17cm width / 23cm
    • L Length / 22cm Width / 32cm


    • Rope part / about 1.5cm
    • Body length / approx. 18 cm
    • Slider / diameter 1cm

    * The size is a guide. There are individual differences because it is a handmade item.

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